Amazing Chiloé

The natural barriers that separate Chiloe from the rest of Chile have created conditions for the archipelago to harbor very singular species and ecosystems, of great ecological value world wide.

In this interesting excursión, we cross the Chacao Channel on a ferry, and can see some of the marine wildlife and the birds that circle these southern skies.
From October to March it is possible to observe the Magallanique and Humbolt penguins that come to nest on the island.
Here you can seethe native forest of Chiloe, and various landmarks in the unique architectural history of Chile: the churches of Chiloe, many of which have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO; picturesque towns and villages, as well as the forts dating from the Spanish colonial period (XVIII century).
It is an excellent opportunity to taste the chilote gastronomy, basedon sea food, and to appreciate the island’s interesting mythology.
And for those who like nature in its purest form, in the southern tip of the island is the Tantauco Park, with its forests of Guaiteca Cyprus, native palms and mirtaceae, and 130 kilometers of paths with different degrees of difficulty. This park is ideal for study groups, trekking enthusiasts, or outdoor activities for businesses that are looking for somewhere different for personnel interaction groups.

Lo invitamos a que arme su propio paquete turístico, la opción es suya, estudie las rutas y elija que visitar, cuántos días de duración de su tour. Recuerde que el paseo es a la comodidad suya y de su grupo. Contáctenos y con gusto lo atenderemos.